Plastic planet

A couple of years ago the documentary Plastic Planet stroke me. It was shocking to see, how much plastic humans are using and how dangerous it is for us and the whole planet. Since then I tried to reduce my plastic consumption. Partly it is easy and partly it seems to be impossible or related with much work and commitment. More and more people know the shocking pictures of animals that are trapped in plastic or die because of swallowing it or dirty beaches. We are also hear more and more about the danger of micro plastics and the shocking report that by 2050 more plastic than fish will be found in the earth’s oceans. There are alternatives to plastic and I believe that the more consumers demand for them, the earlier we will be able to ban (at least short-time usage) plastic. Indeed I am putting much hope in the OceanCleanup initiative, but at the same time we need to work on reducing our plastic consumption considerably. Our high plastic consumption is a symptom of our throw-away-consumption society. Plastic consumption came back much higher on my agenda as I moved to another country, seeing the huge amount of plastic usage day by day in the cafeteria and by people drinking bottled water. When you once saw the video where the pull a fork out of a turtles nose, you won’t use a plastic fork anymore. The shocking thing is, that in the cafeteria at my work place normal washable alternatives are offered. But still some people use plastic forks instead. Maybe it is because they do not want to walk back and get the metal fork washed. Luckily, there are solutions also to this. In the last days news a bout edible spoons run viral on the internet. Another news was about a 100% biodegradable bottle from algae. These are just the newest inventions, that got circulated on the web. However, there are many more. I think that it is every consumers responsibility, to keep eyes open and search actively for alternatives, as we have just one planet!

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