Sustainable phone

Yes, I also have one of these smartphones, with the fruit on the back. When I bought it no sustainable alternative was on the market. First of all, when we want to live a sustainable life, we have to ask ourselves: Do I really need a smartphone? I got my smartphone relatively late and finally could not resist having one. I still do not know if I really need it. I survived without one pretty good before that. Let us assume we really need a smartphone. Getting a sustainable phone seems to become possible. A couple of years ago the Fairphone caught my attention. Now the 2nd generation is on the market. Searching the internet for more information about the Fairphone I found a second alternative to the common smartphone providers. The Shiftphone. Both companies offer modular smartphones. This means that it is possible to exchange parts, even without costly support service. Funny enough that one can nowadays make this a selling argument. My brother lately said something to me, that was so true, so simple, that is was a real eye-opener to me. A couple of years ago no one would have ever bought a product that cannot be repaired, where the battery is not even replaceable. Let alone a product with such characteristics that is that expensive. The sustainable smartphone alternatives are neither cheap. But taking into account that they are produced under fair conditions, omitting conflict resources and being durable, the sustainable smartphones are by far the better deal. It generally has to be questioned why a fair production is the exception, rather than the standard. I want to be payed fair as well. So doesn’t human sense tell that fairness is everyone’s basic right? Why are durable goods the exception rather, than the norm? If I value a product that little that I do not care about its durability, why did I than buy it at all? Shouldn’t every product that I buy make me happy as long as possible? Luckily everyone can make his / her sustainable choice and support sustainable products. My next phone will be a sustainable phone. Indeed I will wait until my current smartphone is broken, as changing to a sustainable product should not result in the acceleration of the product turnover.

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